The South African Committee of Health Sciences Deans (SACoHSD) is an association founded in 2009 to facilitate the optimisation and transformation of academic activities in Health Sciences faculties across the country in order to address the healthcare, research and social imperatives of the country. SACoHSD works to ensure that South Africa produces fit-for-purpose health profession graduates of the highest quality to ensure an optimal healthcare system in South Africa. As a collective, SACoHSD develops and coordinates responses to influence policy and legislation on national and international health and education issues.

Meet the Team

Doctor Kerrin Begg


Dr Kerrin Begg is a Public Health Medicine Specialist, and has held a variety of management, technical expert and governance.

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Doctor Pavitra Pillay


Dr Pavitra Pillay is the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Durban University of Technology.

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Doctor Ramadimetja Mable Kekana


Dr Mable Kekana is the Head of Radiography and Chair of the School of Healthcare Sciences at the University of Pretoria.

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Professor Dalena van Rooyen

Treasurer (Interim)

Prof Dalena van Rooyen is the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Nelson Mandela University

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Professor Anthea Rhoda

Additional Member

Prof Anthea Rhoda is the Dean of the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences, at University of the Western Cape.

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Professor Alida Herbst

Additional Member

Prof Alida Herbst is

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