Professor Dalena van Rooyen

Professor Dalena (RM) van Rooyen

Treasurer (Interim)

BCur, BHons, MCur, PhD, PGD Edu & CC, ACGM, ANSAf

Professor Dalena van Rooyen is a senior academic leader with international associations, experienced researcher, educator and activist for quality transformative health professional education and training. She has extensive experience in the higher education sector, particularly relating to strategic leadership in health professionals education and have fulfilled numerous leadership positions (appointed and elected) and has served as the president of the Academy of Nursing of South Africa for a number of years. She currently holds the position of vice-dean in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Nelson Mandela University.

She serves on the review board of various accredited journals and has published several peer reviewed articles, both in nationally and internationally accredited journals. She has written various nursing publications as well as textbooks and has presented at many national and international conferences. Professor van Rooyen has successfully promoted and supervised more than 80 PhD and Magister candidates. She has also taken part in and lead various national and international interprofessional research and development projects and has a particular interest in evidence-based practice, barriers to health care and the right to health of people with mental illness as well as the scholarship of teaching and learning.